About Us

Pursuing the American Dream

Elegant Restaurant Equipment Owner and CEO, Albert Kataev, came to America in pursuit of the American dream. When he arrived from the Soviet Union, he had nothing. He came in with a group of refugees and worked in the diamond district for two years, where he learned English and began gaining experience in the HVAC industry. Over the years, he worked on HVAC systems for more than 90 government buildings.

Once he became fluent in the English language, Kataev rented a commercial building from a landlord he had been working with where he was able to start his own HVAC maintenance company. It’s here where he began focusing on installing and maintaining restaurant equipment for restaurant owners throughout the area.

Expert Design & Appliance Installation for Your Building

If you are in the process of or getting ready to set up a restaurant, our team at Elegant Restaurant Equipment can meet with you. During our consultation, we’ll go over where you should put your equipment and how to set it up, as well as the kind of equipment you can and should purchase in order to run your restaurant as efficiently and effectively as possible. Schedule your initial consultation today.

Run a Successful Restaurant

Whether you run a restaurant or you’ve worked in a restaurant, you know that each position comes with its own steps of service. These steps are made easier with an efficient setup — from POS systems to dishwashers behind the bar and your entire kitchen setup and serving station. Reach out to our team at Elegant Restaurant Equipment to get the help you need setting up your space.